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Please Read and Understand these terms and conditions.

We hope that you will enjoy and appreciate our cabin’s charm as much as we do. Because of its unique location we have some special guidelines we hope that you will understand and respect. Cabin on the Cliff is a unique and special place for all to enjoy. 

Experience the charm and simple elegance of frontier living in a log cabin without forfeiting the comfort to which you've become accustomed!

Looking for that romantic getaway or to wind down after pursuing that trophy-size Salmon or Halibut? Your one-of-a-kind lodging, "A Cabin on the Cliff" will provide the perfect atmosphere for your stay!

Create lifelong memories at our rustic Seward 1959 trappers’ cabin that has been refurbished to romantic elegance. Make and cherish memories of the wildlife, which can be viewed in and around “a cabin on the cliff” are bald eagles, belted kingfishers, ravens, glaucous winged gulls, land otters and a variety of ducks. If you are lucky, you will witness a duel of the species, as ravens, eagles, and gulls battle over tasty tidbits.

Our goal is for you to make exceptional memories, but we do appreciate any constructive criticisms or advice you wish to give that will improve the pleasant memories we wish our guests to experience.

Mountains and more are located on the cliff at the Northern Edge of Mt. Marathon's base and overlooks Resurrection Bay and the harbor of downtown Seward. Seward Alaska is a place of great natural beauty and bounty. You will see it all from your lodging on the cliff!  There's a great variety of plants and animals and it's an excellent location for wildlife photography.

​Enjoy spectacular views of Seward Alaska's Resurrection Bay and Chugach Mountains from your private hot tub located on a spacious deck while barbequing your fresh caught seafood on the barbeque. ​



Reservations Rates are Based on Double Occupancy and Master Suite Only ‐ Add Additional $150.00 for 3rd or 4th person for use of Downstairs Suite. If you have 2 people in your party, but need sperate beds, please let us know, so we can make the appropriate arrangements. 



The Cabin on the Cliff is not ADA Accessible / Approved. There are steps, Stairs and ledges which can be challenging for those with mobility issues.

  • ADD ON's

You are more than welcome to notify us of a special occasion or special requests: 

Birthdays - Anniversaries - Just Married - other Special Occasion

cake, card, chocolates, flowers, champagne, wine, beer, etc. - 

You can add these to your reservation. All purchases will be at the local market price plus a $10.00 handling and set up fee. Will be added to your folio upon check in.  Please visit our Special Add on Request form.


All Reservations are Paid in full at the time of Booking. 


A Cabin on the Cliff does not have air conditioning, but the windows do open, and fans are provided to assist with air circulation. 


The cabin on the cliff is equipped with 2 amazon firesticks. One for each of the tv’s in the sleeping rooms. If any part of the equipment is missing, you will be charged $100.00 for replacement items.


You may use the firesticks to log into your Amazon Streaming Account, Netflix, Hulu, etc.,

Please note:  A Cabin on the Cliff is not responsible for your log in information or charges occurred on your personal account through these streaming accounts.  Please be sure you sign out of the accounts prior to your departure to prevent unwanted charges.


We ask that due to the neighboring houses, parties are prohibited at the cabin.  We ask that if you have a few people over for use of the hot tub, barbeque, or hanging out, that the renter (person who made the reservation) is responsible for their guests and following these guidelines.

  • Unregistered Guests must leave the property no later than Midnight.

  • Music and loud noises are kept to a minimum.

  • Each remaining unregistered guest after midnight will be charged $100.00/person.

  • The registered booking name and credit card on file is responsible for each guest and child; therefore, you will be the responsible person for all complaints, damage, removal of items or charges that may occur during your stay.

  • If the barbeque is not cleaned after your use, there will be an additional $100.00 cleaning charge applied to your receipt.


Sheets, Wool Blanket, Comforters, Pillow Shams - Are washed and replaced after each check out. 

The Extra Wool Blanket and Pillows are replaced after each use. 


    • 0-30 Days - of Arrival Date - Non-Cancellable / Non-Refundable

    • Any Reduction Modifications to Active Reservations, will incur a 10% Processing Service Fee.

    • 30+ Days - of Arrival Date - Cancellable / Refundable - Minus 10% Processing Service Fee.

    • No Shows - Non-Cancellable / Non-Refundable


Guaranteed Check is 4pm (16:00).

We will not honor earlier check in than the allotted time. 


Check out is at Noon.

An additional $100 will apply for any portion of an hour after noon, you are currently present at the cabin. After 4pm an additional night’s change will apply. 


You are responsible for the safety of children while at the cabin. Please remove any objects out of their way that you consider dangerous and do not leave children unattended inside or outside of the cabin.


Provided 12 Cup. You can bring your own coffee if you'd like. We provide Coffee, Filters, Sugar, Sweet N Low, and Splenda and non-dairy powdered creamer. 


The Cooktop is a two burner (propane / electric cooktop), There is no oven. 


Please understand that you are responsible for cleaning your dishes, the ice tray, barbeque, and utensils.

If the kitchen and bedrooms are not left in the way they were found, there will be an additional $75.00 cleaning charge applied to your receipt.


The driveway is under 24/7 video surveillance. This is for your safety and security purposes.

Tampering with the camera(s) or Camera devices inside the cabin, will result in additional fees being added to your receipt.


When enjoying the Hot Tub, please follow these simple hot tub rules.

  • Go In Clean, please shower before entering.

  • Use the Handrail to enter and exit the Hot Tub.

  • Wipe your feet before entering the hot tub.

  • Do Not use Glass items in the hot tub (plastic is provided)

  • Do Not Jump in or out of Hot Tub

  • Do Not leave children unattended in the Hot Tub.

  • Please do not throw objects over the deck.

  • Remember to limit yourself in the hot tub, as extreme hot temperatures and alcohol don’t mix. Drink plenty of Water.

The Deck will be slippery when WET! Use Caution

There is a $100.00 fee if Hot Tub requires cleaning or draining or removal of excess debris from the deck.



The Cabin is heated by a boiler system (new system installed (Spring 2023). Typically, will take 15 to 30 minutes to heat the cabin from the time you turn up the thermostat. Please be patient while the system circulates the hot water to heat the cabin. 


Housekeeping will not disturb you during your stay, but please note:

  1. Staying 1 to 3 Days - Housekeeping will not take place, unless you have notified us, of in need of something. 

  2. Staying Longer than 3 days - Housekeeping will service the Cabin every 3 days. We will notify you the day before, roughly what time we will arrive. 


We ask that you leave the cabin, desk, jacuzzi and property as clean as you have found it. Therefore, as we asked upon your arrival if anything is out of place, please contact us immediately. We will make sure it is taken care of.


  • ICE

A Cabin on the Cliff does not supply ICE for our guests. There is an Ice Tray if You'd like to make ice during your stay. 


If you arrive at Seward early by Motorcoach, Alaska Railroad, or Cruise Ship, A Cabin on the Cliff does not have a way of securing your luggage until the guaranteed check in time. Don't worry - There is a company across from the Train Depot, called Orange Bike, and they can help you out with securing your bags until 4pm when you can check into the Cabin. 


If you have rented only the Master Suite, we ask that you do not use the downstairs suite. You will be charged if it needs to be cleaned (bathroom, bed, or dog hair on the carpet).

If the kitchen and bedrooms are not left in the way they were found, there will be an additional $75.00 cleaning charge applied to your receipt.


  • PETS

Dog(s) must be pre-approved, and a deposit of $25.00/night collected at time of booking. This fee is non-refundable. Limit 2 dogs. (If there is evidence of a pet at the cabin without prior approval, the pet fee will be added to your bill, along with a $75.00 cleaning Fee.) 


A Cabin on the Cliff provides the following items:

  • Plates

  • Bowls

  • Saucers

  • Coffee Cups

  • Plastic Water Cups

  • Plastic Wine Glasses

  • Silverware

  • Pots and Pans

  • Cooking Utensils (if there is a utensil not there, please let us know)

  • Towels (bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, bathmat)

  • Toilet Paper (If you are staying more than a few nights, and need more, please let us know, Email or Phone Call)

  • Paper towels (If you are staying more than a few nights, and need more, please let us know, Email or Phone Call)

  • Extra Pillow

  • Extra Fleece Blanket


College size mini fridge. If you are staying at the cabin for any length of time, please be sure you provide a cooler with ice to keep your perishables cold. The mini fridge is very limited in space / as the same with the freezer.  

  • REMOTE CONTROLS (TV's, Amazon Firestick, Receiver)

    • Upstairs Suite (1 TV Remote, 1 Amazon Firestick Remote and 1 Receiver Remote)

    • Downstairs Suite (1 TV Remote, 1 Amazon Firestick Remote) 

Any remotes missing after your stay, you will be charged $100.00 for replacement of  Remote


A cabin on the cliff allows for service animals.

SERVICE DOGSAny dog trained to perform tasks for an individual with a physical or psychiatric disability. Requires task trained to mitigate a person's disability. Generally allowed in public places through the Americans with Disability Act.  Laws that pertain these dogs and handlers:  ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act, ACAA - Air Carriers Access Act, FHA - Fair Housing Act, EEDC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.   NO CHARGE FEE 

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOGS: Any Dog that provides comfort to a person with a mental illness / disability. Requires no training. Not allowed in public places but are allowed in non-pet housing and on airplanes. Laws that pertain to these dogs and handlers: FHA - Fair Housing Act, EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. FEE PET TO FOLLOW

THERAPY DOGS: Any dog that provides therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, schools.  Requires receiving training in Obedience and are selected for their temperaments.  These dogs are not allowed in public places, however allowed when invited. There is no Laws protecting the Dogs or their handlers.  FEE PET TO FOLLOW


Please remove your shoes upon entering the cabin. This will help the life of the carpet and keep outside debris from coming inside.


The Cabin does not supply spices or food products. Please bring your own. 


Currently, A Cabin on the Cliff Staff does not provide transportation to and from the cabin. Here are some options that can be thought of...

  • Aunt May's Taxi 907-491-1535

  • PJ's Taxi 907-224-5555

  • Red's Taxi 907-224-2727

  • Seward Taxi   907-224-5678


We ask that you take out all the trash, including the bathroom, and place it in the bin outside.

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